What Does Meta Mean in Gaming?

What Does Meta Mean in Gaming

If you’re a hardcore gaming fan, who loves to watch a tournament of their favorite game, then you know how much this word is casually dropped and is also part of a lot of the commentary going on.

What if you’re at the end of this spectrum, you ask? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Let’s delve into exactly what meta stands for.

What does meta gaming mean?

Metagame, or the more common variant of it ‘Meta’ (Most Effective Tactic Available), in esports, means the popular trend at the time.

It can be a sure way to play the game or use specific strategies, characters, or weapons that will give you an edge over your opponents.

A metagaming example could be; in Apex Legends competitive scene; the Legend Gibraltar has been a popular pick for a long time, effectively making him the meta.

His kit provides you with a good amount of defense and safe rotations if you’re caught out in the open that can be crucial or even tip the scale in your favor.

So, if you’re not using him, you’re at a considerable disadvantage because almost all of the other teams have a player running Gibraltar.

Another example could be of the champions in League of Legends that are powerful than others.

What is a meta-gamer?

Any player who conforms to the current meta in any game is referred to as a meta gamer.

Let’s take an example of meta-gaming or meta-gamer, in Tekken 7; Fahkumram is without a doubt at the top of the meta due to his balanced arsenal.

Players who choose to play with him follow the meta as it increases their chances of winning and are meta gamers.

What does ‘breaking the meta’ mean?

The meta, like all things in life, does not remain the same. At times it’s very overpowering that it’s labeled ‘broken’.

Usually, an outrage occurs in the community with the players demanding a nerf (weakening) to the character or weapon.

But the good news is that, the meta ‘evolves’. Meaning, whatever is currently the successful strategy, gamers will try to develop tactics that can overthrow the current meta.

So, something else takes that meta’s place as the ‘one weapon or strategy to rule them all’ until the next nerf, of course.

Just like that, with the next patch, the tactics that would boost your chances of winning a game by up to 90% are obsolete, hence the meta is broken.

This is a constant back and forth struggle between the community and the developers.


Ideally, there should be a healthy balance of everything available to the players, and the player base shouldn’t feel forced to use certain things if they want to win.

While some players believe meta takes the fun out of gaming and makes the whole gameplay predictable, others think that mastering the meta, then breaking the meta, and it finally evolving is an integral part of gaming.

Which side do you lean more towards? 

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