Top 19 Basketball Games for Android in 2021

Basketball Games For Android

As you may be aware, basketball is the basis for a variety of games. Finding the best basketball games for Android can be tricky.

Hundreds of basketball gaming applications are available in the Google Play Store. Trying a lot of apps takes a long time and is exhausting.

Also, did you know you can play basketball games on your Android phone or tablet? Basketball, as we all know, is one of the most popular and enjoyable outdoor sports.

However, with the advancement of contemporary life, finding a field, a playing partner, and keeping a schedule for outdoor sports might be difficult.

However, People are now more interested in mobile games than outdoor games, for obvious reasons.

Many developers have created gaming apps that allow you to play all of your favorite outdoor games on your mobile device, including basketball.

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1. NBA 2K20

NBA 2K20 is a simulation game and one of the best basketball games for Android. It is now the most popular simulation application for basketball.

Visual Concepts is the game’s developer, and 2k Sports is the publisher.

In addition, It has a variety of game modes, including play now, my Career, and my GM2.0. So far, user reviews have ranked it as the best basketball game.

However, You can play with the characters of real players and select real national teams. It allows you to customize it in several ways.

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Additionally, You get to pick your franchise, group, location, club, players, jersey, logo, alternate uniform, arena, and court color, among other things.

There is a slew of other intriguing aspects as well.

2. Basketball Battle

Basketball Battle is a basketball game on Android as well. It is one of the more enjoyable arcade-style basketball games available.

It’s a PvP game with two players on a single court. The objective is to outscore your opponent before the clock runs out.

In addition, The controls are pretty basic, and the graphics aren’t awe-inspiring. On the other side, the game has a solid pace and a fun premise.

Furthermore, Split-screen multiplayer is also supported, though we would only advocate it on bigger phones or tablets. It’s a freemium game, which isn’t ideal.

However, it is entertaining for a short period as a time-killing arcade game.

3. Basketball Stars

Unlike the NBA game, the focus of this one is on a battle to shoot baskets with a variety of online players.

Furthermore, The package includes various game types, such as Career Mode, Attacker-Defense Mode, and more.

Additionally, In basic terms, you must compete against an online player under which you must shoot the basketball into the basket more than your opponent in a time limit of 60 seconds to win.

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In attacker-defender mode, the same principles apply.

In addition, The thrilling and addictive aspect is that to play a game, you must wager money on other players. You will lose your wager if you lose.

The game gives you a small amount, to begin with, and then you must open bags, spin the wheel, and watch a film to earn money.

The difficulty of the game rises as you progress. Furthermore, you can play a game as a challenge with a friend in multiplayer mode.

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Aside from that, the game has a great UI and graphics with a variety of courts.

4. Real Basketball

One of the basketball games for Android is Real Basketball. As it should be played, basketball is a simple basketball game that aids in developing basketball abilities.

There are, however, six different game types from which to pick. It may hold a single-player as well as a large group of players.

There are online games that you can play with other people. You can also organize a live match with your buddies.

Furthermore, You’ll have complete control over the player characters’ look, ball, playing clothing, and surroundings. In addition, This game will provide you with real-time experience, as its name implies.

The Google Play Store is where you can get the program. Several appealing characteristics have also won the hearts of the players.

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5. Fanatical Basketball

If you’re looking for a game with many actions and medium graphics that will run on any smartphone, I recommend playing fanatical basketball.

With 3D graphics and realistic player characters, the game will provide you with a terrific experience. I also enjoy manipulating the ball, particularly passing and shooting it.

Additionally, the game has two modes to play: a rapid game and a league match mode. A five-on-five game can be played.

Apart from that, the game is enjoyable and addictive after you’ve mastered the controls. This basketball game for Android is the best to experience realistic visuals on a low-end smartphone.

6. Bouncy Basketball

Another arcade basketball game is Bouncy Basketball. It’s akin to a low-budget NBA Jam. Customizable games are available.

You can play up to four 90-second intervals at a time. As a result, no game may last more than six minutes.

That fits nicely with the arcade theme. Simple controls, replays, multiple unlocked characters, character customization, and more are among the game’s other features.

This is a game to play while waiting in line at the movies, and it’s not awful for what it is. The game is also entirely free, albeit commercials are present.

7. Street Basketball Association

Street Basketball Association is another basketball game for Android. Its website is unusual since it is based on the Japanese classic “NeoGeo Street Hoop or Dunk Dream in Japan.”

Furthermore, This game is popular among fans because it evokes memories of the 1990s.

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Please don’t be surprised if you merely read about the 1990s; it will provide you with a lot of nostalgia while playing modern basketball.

In addition, Dribbling is straightforward, and the ball can be handled in a variety of ways. However, you may notice several flaws, such as the lack of a green light animation and the lack of support for the 1v1 mode.

8. Basketball Online

Basketball Online is a famous basketball game for Android that has already captured the hearts of thousands of people. ViperGames is the game’s publisher.

Additionally, Seeing realistic, fantastic images will make you happy right away. The app is well-designed and well-organized.

Furthermore, The ball’s connection with the environment is excellent and feels very natural.

In addition, Even the sound quality will astound you. It’s great that you don’t have to watch advertisements to obtain stuff. The best part? It’s an entirely free app.

9. Basketball Slam 2021

I recommend attempting basketball slam 2021 if you want to play basketball in a fun and unique style.

Make sure you don’t anticipate realistic or high-definition graphics, but rather a fun, cartoonish character with your favorite player’s face and, of course, hilarious remarks.

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Furthermore, the most excellent part of the game is designing your players and joining the squad.

Aside from that, you can change the quarter length, difficulty, and count, among other things.

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There are excellent opponents and numerous modes such as Career, fast match, PBA campaign, 3PT challenge, and more to keep you from becoming tired with the same game.

As a result, the game is enjoyable to play while you’re bored.

10. Dude Perfect 2

Dude Perfect is famous for its high-octane sports accuracy videos all around the world. The game isn’t very distinct from the original.

To get the ideal shot, though, you must blast various objects through, over, or around obstacles.

Additionally, It’s not a challenging game, but it’s entertaining when you have some downtime.

Challenges, unlocked characters, and more are among the other game elements.

Furthermore, It’s not a basketball game in the traditional sense, but it does include shooting a basketball into baskets, so it counts.

11. Ketchapp Basketball Games

Ketchapp Basketball Games is another fun basketball game for Android. It includes several basketball arcade games.

Although none of them are particularly noteworthy, the compilation as a whole is quite good.

A few of the games available include Dunk Shot, Dunk Line, and Ketchapp Basketball. They’re all simple games that you can finish in a short amount of time.

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Their graphics, however, are simple even when compared to the majority of the games on this list.

Additionally, The mechanics are also less complicated than the norm. These are excellent for a while you’re waiting for anything, but the lack of intricacy becomes tedious after a while.

In addition, the free versions of these games contain a lot of advertising. They’re fine otherwise.

12. Swipe Basketball

It differs from other basketball games for Android. This game was made available through UPlay. You don’t have an opponent or any playable characters in this game.

You swipe the ball through the hoop with your fingertips and try to force it through. Furthermore, you only have a certain period to score as many points as possible.

Furthermore, The game becomes more complex and challenging as the levels go. It features stunning 3D graphics—smooth and quick swiping and control of the ball.

Anyone, from a youngster to an older person, may play it because the playing method is straightforward. It is available for free download.

13. Five Hoops-Basketball Games

It is Another enjoyable basketball game for Android in which the goal is to make a basket from a different place. The outfits and online multiplayer are what make five hoops so thrilling and addictive.

In this game, you must shoot baskets with your opponents in a limited amount of time, generating intense competition.

In addition, Apart from that, you can unlock a variety of intriguing locales, outfits, and balls to keep you entertained.

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The thrill of competing against other online players adds to the game’s excitement and fun. Furthermore, If you want to be free of stress and a job, five hoops are the best basketball game to play.

14. ESPN Fantasy Sports

ESPN Fantasy Sports is another basketball game for Android. One of the most popular fantasy basketball websites on the internet is ESPN Fantasy Sports.

You can play with your friends, join random leagues with strangers, and do all the standard fantasy basketball stuff like trading players and scouting free agents.

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In addition, You may use the app to change your lineup, add/drop players, customize your club, and connect with other league managers.

Furthermore, That’s pretty much all an app like this is suitable for. There are a few problems.

Therefore we recommend that you check your team on a computer now and again to ensure that the software is working correctly.

Apart from that, it’s a solid effort.

15. Franchise Basketball

This is one of Android’s top basketball games. CBS Sports developed this game. From a variety of teams, pick your favorite basketball players.

Customized logos, names, and uniforms will help your squad stand out.

There are numerous game packs available. This game is a representation of your managerial ability and aids in the development of strategic management.

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You’re the team’s leader. In your virtual office, you may draw up lines, play tactics, and watch the game from the comfort of your couch.

16. Stickman Basketball Game

Stickman is an all-time popular character in various games, so if you’re a lover of nature, you’ll love this stickman basketball game.

When it comes to gameplay, you’ll find a wide range of moves, atmospheres, animations, and plenty of action here.

Furthermore, you can select a team and play in various seasons—several game styles to choose from, rapid games, seasons, cups, knockouts, and training.

There are also difficulty levels to make the game more thrilling and challenging; the only thing missing is a unique character; everyone has the same stick man character.

So, if you enjoy stickman games and wish to play basketball offline, I strongly advise you to play this game.

17. NBA Jam

NBA Jam is also one of the greatest Android basketball games. It is perhaps our favorite basketball game for mobile devices. It’s a remake of the popular arcade game of the same name.

You’re playing two-on-two basketball with a more relaxed set of rules. Furthermore, You can win by shoving, stealing, and dunking.

The game has hardware controller compatibility, Android TV support, local and online multiplayer support, a campaign mode, etc.

Additionally, We wish all mobile basketball games were this nice. It’s essentially a faultless port of the arcade game from the 1990s.

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We also hope EA keeps this one up to date, so it doesn’t become obsolete.

18. Mascot Dunks

This is an insane basketball game with some of the best basketball dunks you’ve ever seen in any game.

All you have to do is choose a mascot, dribble the ball, leap over the spring track, perform incredibly insane dunks, and shoot the ball.

Furthermore, Your score will increase if you go through the path and place the ball in the basket.

If you don’t sprint at the right time and skip the spring route, you’ll die, or if you get a basket hit, you’ll perish.

The game is then completed. Its other aspects are also well-liked.

19. Basketball Kings: Multiplayer

Basketball Kings is a multiplayer basketball game. It is one of the best basketball games available for Android devices.

Everything you’d expect from a mobile game will be available to you. It features stunning 3D graphics as well as speedier animation.

Additionally, It will assign a level of difficulty to the game, ranging from novice to expert. As your skill level rises, so do the obstacles and problems.

It’s available to play both online and offline. Its gorgeous graphics and seamless performance have won millions of hearts.

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